Cell Biology
Cell Biology
Hung-Lin Chen hunglinc@gate.sinica.edu.tw +886-2-27855696,4140

Cell Biology Facility (CBF) 
The cell biological core laboratory facility is located at Room 414, Institute of Biochemistry, Academia Sinica. 
Please refer to https://sites.google.com/view/ibc-cbf/home for information of related materials and services provided by Cell Biology Facility.

This facility provides the following services for researchers of the Institute of Biochemistry: 
Assist in performing cell experiments, and establishing animal disease models for grand challenge project of the Institute of Biochemistry. 
Provide consultation of biology-related research projects, and perform pilot experiments. 
Provide experimental materials related to galectin. 
Provide (glyco)biology-related technical knowledge and course training. 
Provide Lectin and glycan array services (Through AS Glycoscience core facility, https://sites.google.com/view/glycoascore).

Service Application process

Application form 

In order to evaluate the performance of the core facilities, those who have published papers or used this core facility in public speeches, please include this core facility in the acknowledgment to express your support. If there is collaboration with the core facilities for the establishment of new cell and animal models, please consider to add the name of staff to the acknowledgment. We sincerely appreciate for you to provide electronic files of your publications. 

Acknowledgement template 
We thank the Cell Biology Facility (CBF) at the Institute of Biological Chemistry, Academia Sinica, for the technical support for cell and/or animal experiments.