The core facility synthesizes chemically customized and high purity (>98%) wild-type and modified peptides, for anti-body production and as standards for qualitative analysis of protein/peptide in protein structure and function studies. The peptide modification can be N-terminal modification-acetylation, C-terminal modification-amidation, FITC fluorescent dye marker, disulfide bonds, biotin, and phosphorylations.

Requests for peptide synthesis services from labs outside IBC but within Academia Sinica should be sent to Yu-Ling Hwang via E-mail.

ABI IFM Peptide Synthesizer 胜肽合成儀 6

1. ABI & IFM Peptide Synthesizer

ABI and IFM peptide synthesizer synthesize peptides by chemical stirring and making use of the solid phase FMOC principle, in which a resin is used as the carrier for sequentially connecting amino acids in the direction from the C-terminal to the N-terminal.

沃特斯高效液相層析儀 1

2. Waters High-performance Liquid Chromatography

High-performance liquid chromatography purifies synthesized peptides. The system consists of a pump, an UV detector, an injector, a collector, and the Empower Pro. (software). It works with a solvent management system, to exhaust gases and mix four chromatographic solvents, and to transport correct proportion of solvents without pulses.

Liberty Blue 微波胜肽合成儀 1

3. Liberty Blue Microwave Peptide Synthesizer

The Liberty Blue Microwave Peptide Synthesizer is an instrument developed by CEM of the United States for peptide synthesis. This microwave peptide synthesizer is characterized by its faster reaction time, higher yield, and less reagents, than general room-temperature synthesizers. It can be used to synthesize long peptide (> 50AA).