Mammalian cell-based recombinant protein expression facility provides a sterile environment and instruments (Biosafety Cabinet, Carbon Dioxide Incubators, Cell Counters, Water bath, Temperature-Controlled Centrifuge and microscopes) of cell culture for scientists in gene transfection and protein production. The facility specializes in mammalian and insect cells expression systems. These systems supply the expression and modification requirements for a wide variety of proteins.

1 小型二氧化碳細胞培養箱 1

1. Thermo Scientific™ Forma™ Steri-Cycle™ CO2 Incubators
Type: Thermo 370

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Thermo 370 CO2 Incubators which offer high-temperature decontamination cycle and a unique in-chamber HEPA air filtration system. This incubator is use for culturing with 35mm, 100mm dishes or 25T, 75T flasks.

2 大型二氧化碳細胞培養箱 1

2. Thermo Scientific Large Capacity CO2 Incubator
Type: Thermo 3950

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Thermo 3950 Incubators, equipped with two shakers, is use for large scale protein expression in mammalian cells. Two incubation condition can be selected, one is 37℃, 8% CO2 and the other is 32℃, 8% CO2.

3 低溫震盪培養箱 1

3. Thermo Scientific™ MaxQ™ 6000 Incubated/Refrigerated Stackable Shakers
Type: Thermo MaxQ6000

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Thermo MaxQ6000 Incubators is use for protein expression in insect cells.

4 生物安全櫃 1

4. Class II, Type A2 Biological Safety Cabinet
Type: Thermo 1377

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These safety cabinets, in accordance with NSF/ANSI 49, offer operator and environment protection.

5 細胞計數器 1

5. The countess 3 automated cell counter
Type: Countess 3

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The Countess 3 automated cell counter is a benchtop automated cell counter that performs cell count and viability measurements using trypan blue stain.

6 簡易倒立螢光顯微鏡 1

6. Fluorescence Inverted Microscope
Type: Leica DM IL LED Fluorescence Inverted Microscope

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The Leica DM IL LED Fluorescence Inverted Microscope is ideal for cell culture and routine live cell examinations.
1. Available for 4X, 10x, 20x, and 40x magnification.
2. High-intensity, high-contrast 5W LED illumination.
3. Equipped with a 3 position fluorescence slider (405, FITC, TRITC).
4.CANON camera.

7 大型低溫離心機 1

7. Centrifuge
Type: Beckman Coulter J6-MI

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The J6-MI centrifuge works with JS-4.2A rotor, max speed is 4200 RPM. It is used for separation of protein production and cells.