IBC is well equipped to support all aspects of biochemical and cell biology research. Apart from PIs’ personal and shared equipments, many sophisticated instruments are centralized and managed under several Core Labs. This includes common facilities and technical supports for protein expression, structure and biophysical properties analysis, peptide synthesis, proteomics, rationale structure-based drug design pipeline, antibody development, as well as various state-of-the-art imaging systems, along with flow cytometry and other instruments for cell based assays. Animal and histopathology experiments are also supported to promote translational research and to enable pre-clinical trial drug testing. All Cores are managed by professional research specialists and assistants who operate and/or train users to operate the instruments, assist advanced data analysis, and undertake further research and methods development in response to needs. Nominal fees are levied to pay for consumables incurred and part of the maintenance cost while operating principles and performance are set and moderated by respective User Committees.

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