Epidemic Prevention

2020/05/04 May 04 – IBC COVID News Update(Access mask and hygiene Policy renew) PDF download
2020/04/30 The Mask Policy and Hygiene Policy will continue to May 15th, 2020
2020/04/17 Foreigner Register NHI card and Pre-order masks online procedure PDF download
2020/04/09 April 09 – IBC COVID News Update(Access Mask and Hygiene policy) PDF download
2020/03/26 IBC Working Implementation Guidelines PDF download
2020/03/26 March 26 – IBC COVID News Update(student dorms problem)PDF download
2020/03/25 March 25 – IBC COVID News Update PDF download
2020/03/24 March 24 – IBC COVID News Update PDF download
2020/03/23 IBC measures in the event of a positive case PDF download
2020/03/23 IBC access PDF download
AS Epidemic Prevention