UC Davis Quarter Abroad Program

Pharmaceutical Chemistry Courses

@Academia Sinica


Important Dates:

March 22 Registration Deadline for CHEM 130 A, CHEM 130 B & CHEM 150
March 29 CHEM 130A Starts
April 13 CHEM 130C Simulcast Starts
May 3 CHEM 150 Starts
May 19 CHEM 130B Lecture & Lab Starts

Course Information:

CHEM 130 A: Pharmaceutical Chemistry
CHEM 130 B: Computer Modeling for Drug Design
CHEM 130 C: Simulcast Lectures from Professional Pharmaceutical/Medicinal Chemists
CHEM 150: Chemistry of Nature Products
  • Registration is required for CHEM 130 A, CHEM 130 B and CHEM 150.
  • Certificate of completion signed by UCD’s Dean of Mathematical and Physical Sciences and Department of Chemistry will be granted to students who successfully complete CHEM 130 A, CHEM 130 B and/or CHEM 150.
  • Lab advisor's approval is mandatory!
  • Courses Schedule please refer to Calendar on the left for class dates and times.

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UC Davis Quarter Abroad Program in Taiwan