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Traditional medicines provide a fertile ground to explore potent "lead" compounds with ... Read more

A new structural study, published online on November 15 in Nature Communications ... Read more

Academician Ming-Daw Tsai, a Distinguished Research Fellow, and Dr. Wen-Jin Wu, an Associate ... Read more

Lee IM, Yang FL, Chen TL, Liao KS, Ren CT, Lin NT, Chang YP, Wu CY, Wu SH Journal of the American Chemical Society [Epub ahead of print] (2018-07)

Chiu YH, Yang MR, Wang LJ, Chen MH, Chang GD, Chen H JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY, 293(25):9801-9811 (2018-06)

Dudev T, Grauffel C, Hsu SD, Lim C Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation, 14(6):3311-3320 (2018-06)

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