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May 19 (Thu) May 20 (Fri) May 21 (Sat)
09:00~10:00 Registration 8:50~9:40 Prof. Masaki Yamamoto 8:50~9:40 Prof. Paul Matsudaria
9:40~10:30 Dr. Chia-Ying Huang 9:40~10:30 Prof. Juli Feigon
10:00~10:20 Opening remark
10:20~11:10 KN 10:30~10:50 Coffee Break 10:30~10:50 Coffee Break
Felicia Wu Lecture - Prof. Bi-Cheng Wang 10:50~11:40 Prof. William Weis 10:50~11:30 Prof. Haruki Nakamura
11:10~11:35 Young Postdoctoral Award 11:30~11:55 Prof. Raz Zarivach
11:40~12:30 Prof. Matthias Wolf   11:55~12:30 江安世教授
11:35~12:00 Young Postdoctoral Award
12:00~13:40 Lunch Time 12:20~13:30 Lunch Time 12:30~14:00 Lunch Time
13:40~15:30 Poster Session 13:40~15:20 Selected Poster Talk 14:00~14:35  
Rm 1 Rm 2 Rm 3
13:40~14:00 PCa1 PCb1 PCc1
14:00~14:20 PCa2 PCb2 PCc2 14:35~15:10
14:20~14:40 PCa3 PCb3 PCc3
14:40~15:00 PCa4 PCb4 PCc4
15:00~15:20 PCa5 PCb5 PCc5
Coffee Break 15:20~15:40 Coffee Break 15:10~15:45
15:30~15:50 General Meeting 15:40~15:45 果尚志主任 15:45~16:05
15:50~16:40 Dr. XinHua Ji 15:45~16:20 Prof. Bob Robinson 16:05~16:20
16:40~17:05 孫玉珠教授  
17:05~17:30 陳金榜教授 16:20~16:55 宋艷芳博士
17:30~18:20 Dr. John Carver 16:55~17:25 陳俊榮博士
18:20~18:45 陳佩燁教授 17:25~19:10 (黃迪靖副主任開場) NSRRC tour
18:45~19:10 張語曲教授
19:20 Welcome Reception 19:30~ Banquet

KN: Keynote Speech             IL: Invited Lecture            PC: Poster session (competition)

國家同步輻射中心 / NSRRC Tour

National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center (NSRRC), funded by the Taiwan government, operates two synchrotron accelerators and provides advanced facilities for scientific researches and industrial applications. The 1.5 GeV Taiwan Light Source (TLS) shined its first light in 1993, and now has 25 beamlines in operation. The new 3 GeV Taiwan Photon Source (TPS) delivered its first photon beam in December 2014, and is scheduled to have 7 beamlines open to users in 2016. While the TPS ramping up to its targeted storage current 500 mA, a new protein microcrystallography beamline (TPS-05A) has been constructed and in commissioning. With the higher quality X-ray beam, more complicated and challenging structures of biological macromolecules can be determined at TPS in the near future. This synchrotron site tour will brief the current status and environment of TPS and introduce the new protein microcrystallography beamline.