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Dr. Meng-Ru Ho
Assistant Research Specialist
Room 402, Institute of Biological Chemistry, Academia Sinica
128, Academia Road Sec. 2, Nankang, Taipei 115, Taiwan
TEL: +886-2-02-27855696 ext. 4023
FAX: +886-2-02-27889759

Maintain IBC Biophysical Instrumentation Laboratory (BIL) and provide training courses and technical supports to BIL users.

Quantitative measurement of binding kinetic rate constants, affinities and thermodynamic basis of biomolecular interactions.

Using biophysical technologies to characterize protein folding, stability, conformation, protein aggregation and oligomeric state of the native protein.

2003,09 - 2008,07 Ph.D., Institute of Bioinformatics and Structural Biology, National Tsing Hua University

2016,02 - present Assistant Research Specialist, Institute of Biological Chemistry, Academia Sinica
2012,12 - 2016,02 Manager, Biophysical Instrumentation Laboratory of Institute of Biological Chemistry, Academia Sinica
2011,10 - 2012,11 Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, USA
2008,08 - 2011,09 Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute of Biomedical Science, Academia Sinica

SP's Publications

    Publication List
A Multivalent Marine Lectin from Crenomytilus grayanus Possesses Anti-cancer Activity through Recognizing Globotriose Gb3.
Liao JH, Chien CT, Wu HY, Huang KF, Wang I, Ho MR, Tu IF, Lee IM, Li W, Shih YL, Wu CY, Lukyanov PA, Hsu ST, Wu SH Journal of the American Chemical Society (2016)
Structural Basis for the Magnesium-Dependent Activation and Hexamerization of the Lon AAA+ Protease.
Su SC, Lin CC, Tai HC, Chang MY, Ho MR, Babu CS, Liao JH, Wu SH, Chang YC, Lim C, Chang CI Structure (2016)
Uncovering the Mechanism of Forkhead-Associated Domain-Mediated TIFA Oligomerization That Plays a Central Role in Immune Responses.
Weng JH, Hsieh YC, Huang CC, Wei TY, Lim LH, Chen YH, Ho MR, Wang I, Huang KF, Chen CJ, Tsai MD Biochemistry (2015)
Substrate specificity and plasticity of FERM-containing protein tyrosine phosphatases.
Chen KE, Li MY, Chou CC, Ho MR, Chen GC, Meng TC, Wang AH Structure (2015)
Structure of yeast Ape1 and its role in autophagic vesicle formation.
Su MY, Peng WH, Ho MR, Su SC, Chang YC, Chen GC, Chang CI Autophagy (2015)
Solution structure and tandem DNA recognition of the C-terminal effector domain of PmrA from Klebsiella pneumoniae.
Lou YC, Wang I, Rajasekaran M, Kao YF, Ho MR, Hsu ST, Chou SH, Wu SH, Chen C Nucleic acids research (2014)
Reciprocal allosteric regulation of p38gamma and PTPN3 involves a PDZ domain-modulated complex formation.
Chen KE, Lin SY, Wu MJ, Ho MR, Santhanam A, Chou CC, Meng TC, Wang AH Science signaling (2014)
Crystal structure of vaccinia viral A27 protein reveals a novel structure critical for its function and complex formation with A26 protein.
Chang TH, Chang SJ, Hsieh FL, Ko TP, Lin CT, Ho MR, Wang I, Hsu ST, Guo RT, Chang W, Wang AH PLoS pathogens (2013)
Human RegIV protein adopts a typical C-type lectin fold but binds mannan with two calcium-independent sites.
Ho MR, Lou YC, Wei SY, Luo SC, Lin WC, Lyu PC, Chen C Journal of molecular biology (2010)
Human pancreatitis-associated protein forms fibrillar aggregates with a native-like conformation.
Ho MR, Lou YC, Lin WC, Lyu PC, Huang WN, Chen C The Journal of biological chemistry (2006)

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