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Dr. Chiaolong Hsiao
Joint Appointment Assistant Research Fellow
Room N402, Institute of Biochemical Sciences, National Taiwan University
No. 1, Sec. 4, Roosevelt Rd., Taipei 106, Taiwan
TEL: +886-2-33664073
FAX: +886-2-23635038

The main foci of my lab are to reverse-engineer the ribosomes, and to uncover, discover novel functions of RNA.

We are interested in the RNA research: folding, assembly, and functions, using bioinformatics, biophysical chemistry, synthetic biochemistry, structural biology, molecular biology, and cell biology. We pay extraordinary attentions to the RNA association with metals, beyond group I and group II cations. In addition we use virus-like particle (VLP) to pack various sizes of RNA for cancer immunotherapy.

- 2008 Ph.D., Bioinformatics, School of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, USA.

2015,01 - present Joint Appointment Assistant Research Fellow, Institute of Biological Chemistry, Academia Sinica
2014,02 - present Assistant Professor, Institute of Biochemical Sciences, National Taiwan University
2008 - 2014 Post Doctoral Associate, Georgia Institute of Technology

    Publications List
Evolution of the ribosome at atomic resolution.
A. S. Petrov, C. R. Bernier, C. Hsiao, A. M. Norris, N. A. Kovacs, C. C. Waterbury, V. G. Stepanov, S. C. Harvey, G. E. Fox, R. M. Wartell, N. V. Hud and L. D. Williams Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A (2014)
RiboVision suite for visualization and analysis of ribosomes.
C. R. Bernier, A. S. Petrov, C. C. Waterbury, J. Jett, F. Li, L. E. Freil, X. Xiong, L. Wang, B. L. Migliozzi, E. Hershkovits, Y. Xue, C. Hsiao, C., Bowman, S. C. Harvey, M. A. Grover, Z. J. Wartell and L. D. Williams Faraday Discuss (2014)
Secondary Structures of rRNAs from All Three Domains of Life.
A. S. Petrov, C. R. Bernier, B. Gulen, C. C. Waterbury, E. Hershkovits, C. Hsiao, S. C. Harvey, N. V. Hud, G. E. Fox, R. M. Wartell and L. D. Williams. PLoS One (2014)
Molecular paleontology: a biochemical model of the ancestral ribosome.
Hsiao, C., Lenz, T.K., Peters, J.K., Fang, P.Y., Schneider, D.M., Anderson, E.J., Preeprem, T., Bowman, J.C., O'Neill, E.B., Lie, L., Athavale, S. S., Gossett, J.J., Trippe, C., Murray, J., Petrov, A.S., Wartell, R.M., Harvey, S.C., Hud, N.V., Williams, L.D. Nucleic Acids Res. (2013)
RNA with iron(II) as a cofactor catalyses electron transfer.
Hsiao, C., Chou, I.C., Okafor, C.D., Bowman, J.C., O'Neill, E.B., Athavale, S.S., Petrov, A.S., Hud, N.V., Wartell, R.M., Harvey, S.C., Williams, L.D. Nature Chemistry (2013)
Secondary structure and domain architecture of the 23S and 5S rRNAs.
Petrov, A.S., Bernier, C.R., Hershkovits, E., Xue, Y., Waterbury, C.C., Hsiao, C., Stepanov, V.G., Gaucher, E.A., Grover, M.A., Harvey, S.C., Hud, N.V., Wartell, R.M., Fox, G.E., Williams, L.D. Nucleic Acids Res. (2013)
DNA Structure is Intrinsically Polymorphic: Even at the level of Watson-Crick Base-Pairs.
Maehigashi T., Hsiao, C., Woods, K.K., Moulaei, T., and Williams, L.D. Nucleic Acids Res. (2012)
Domain III of the T. thermophilus 23S rRNA Folds Independently to a near-Native State.
Athavale, S.S., Gossett, J.J., Hsiao, C., Bowman, J.C., O'Neill, E., Hershkovitz, E., Preeprem, T., Hud, N.V., Wartell, R.M., Harvey, S.C., and Williams, L.D. RNA (2012)
RNA Folding and Catalysis Mediated by Iron (II).
Athavale, S.S., Petrov, A.S., Hsiao, C., Watkins, D., Prickett, C.D., Gossett, J.J., Lie, L., Bowman, J.C., O'Neill, E., Bernier, C.R., Hud, N.V., Wartell, R., Harvey, S.C., and Williams, L.D. PLoS ONE (2012)
RNA-Magnesium-Protein Interactions in Large Ribosomal Subunit.
Petrov, A.S., Bernier, C., Hsiao, C.; Okafor, C.D., Tannenbaum, E, Stern, J., Gaucher, E., Schneider, D., Hud, N.V, Harvey, S.C.; Williams, L.D. J. Phys. Chem. B (2012)

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