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 Protein purification and centrifuge

The mission of Protein purification and centrifuge facility is to manage instruments for protein expression and purification. The facility provides instrument access, training course, consultation and technical development for IBC investigators. The facility currently houses several basic instruments Nanophotometer, tabletop ultracentrifuge, gradient master, bacterial culture incubators, cell disruptors, FPLC (GE) and FPLC (Bio-Rad) with autosampler and fluorescence detector. The High Performance Centrifuges (Beckman Coulter Avanti J-25/J-26XP) and Ultracentrifuges (Beckman Coulter Optima L/XL/LE), equipped with a full range of rotors, are located on each floor for common use.

User Committee members Location Contact
Shang-Te Danny Hsu (Director)、Shih-Hsiung WuPo-Huang LiangChun-Hung LinTzu-Ching MengRita P.-Y. ChenChung-I ChangYu-Ling ShihMeng-Chiao HoSteven Lin Rm410
Centrifuge location: 3F Public area (Ultracentrifuge) 、Rm505、Rm506、Rm605、Rm607 (outside)、Rm705
Min-Feng Hsu / Yan-Ping Shih
e-mail:mfhsu@gate.sinica.edu.tw /
Tel:(02)27855696 #4100 / #4101
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please contact manager
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