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The IBS Core Facility is located at the Institute of Biochemical Sciences (IBS), College of Life Science, National Taiwan University. It is jointly established by the Institute of Biological Chemistry (IBC), Academia Sinica and IBS. The facility provides technical support for investigators of IBC and IBS in instrument operation training, scheduling, workshops, user certification, trouble shooting and instrument maintenance.The major instruments of the core facility include:Flow Cytometry (BD FACSCalibur), Confocal Microscope System (Leica SP5), Real-Time PCR Systems(Applied Biosystems 7300 and Qiagen Rotor-Gene), Upright and Inverted Microscope Systems (Leica DM6000B and OLYMPUS), Fluorescence/Luminescent CCD Image Analyzer (Vilber Lourmat Fusion FX 7 and Bio-Rad 4000MP),Infrared Imaging System (LI-COR Odyssey),Bioanalyzer System (Agilent 2100), Fermentor (New Brunswick BioFlo/CelliGen 115 Benchtop),Protein Purification System (GE ÄKTA™), Fluorescence Spectrophotometer (Hitach F-4500), Radioisotope Counter (PerkinElmerTri-Carb 2900TR),Cell Disruption System (Constant Systems Ltd TS 0.75Kw), and Ultracentrifuge (Beckman XL-100K).

In addition, the IBS Core Facility also houses a Biomolecular Interaction Analyzer (GE BIAcore T200) provided by the Technology Commons (Techcomm) of the NTU College of Life Science. Techcomm has further established 2 independent core facilities at IBS, which are open to IBC/IBS users: i) the Metabolomics Core houses a Dionex Ultimate 3000 RSLC interfaced to a Bruker maXis UHR-QTOF, and an Agilent 5975 GCMS;ii) the Structural Biology Core houses a BrukerMicrostar X-ray generator/MAR345 detector and an Art Robbins Phoenix protein dispense system.

IBS Core Facility
Sheng-Wei Lin
Techcomm-Metabolomics Core

Techcomm-Structural Biology Core


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