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 NMR Facility

The NMR Facility is located on the first floor of this institute. This facility houses two NMR spectrometers, AV400 (Rm 106) and AVII-500 (Rm 104). The AVII-500 NMR spectrometer is shared by IBC and ABRC (Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center). This instrument is equipped with a 5 mm QNP probe for NMR data collection of 1H, 13C, 31P, 19F. The AV400 NMR spectrometer is equipped with a 5mm BBO probe to enable data collections for 1H, 13C, 31P, 19F and other X-nucleus.

User Committee members Location Contact
Chun-Hung Lin (Chair)、Shih-Hsiung WuHsiao-Ching Lin Rm 104 and Rm 106 Wen-Jin Wu
Office: Rm312
Tel:(02)27855696 #3120
1.  AVII 500 MHz LC-NMR
Location: Rm104
2.  AV 400 MHz NMR
Location: Rm106

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