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The IBC Biophysical Instrumentation Laboratory maintains a variety of instruments for biophysical studies and provides consultation, training and instrument access for IBC investigators. The Core lab currently houses an isothermal titration calorimeter (VP-ITC, Microcal), an analytical ultracentrifugation (XL-A, Beckman), CD (J815/J715, Jasco), a Polarimeter (341, Perkin Elmer), a fluorescence spectroscope (Fluorolog-3, Jobin Yvon), an FT-IR (Tensor27, Bruker), a Mulit-mode micro plate reader (Paradigm, Molecular Device), a mass spectrometer (MALDI-TOF, Waters), a Laboratory automation workstation (Biomek3000, Beckman), a real-time PCR machine (Light Cycler 480II, Roche) and a Glycostation reader (1200, GP Biosciences Ltd.). These equipments allow measuring the molecular weight, secondary structure contents and purity of biological macromolecules, as well as to study the affinity, stoichiometry, kinetic and thermodynamics between biomolecules and ligands.

The IBC Biophysical Instrumentation Laboratory is further integrated with the Biophysics Core Facility (BCF) of the Scientific Instrument Center, Academia Sinica, which is also hosted by IBC at the same location (Rm 402). For further information and access to the BCF instruments, please visit BCF homepage at http://bcf.assic.sinica.edu.tw/ or contact the manager in charge : Dr. Chris Jao .

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Shang-Te Danny Hsu (Chair)、Shih-Hsiung WuPo-Huang LiangChun-Hung LinRita P.-Y. ChenChung-I ChangYu-Ling ShihMeng-Chiao Ho Rm402 Meng-Ru Ho
Tel:(02)27855696 #4023
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please contact manager
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please contact Dr. Meng-Chaio Ho's Lab
please contact Dr. Meng-Chaio Ho's Lab

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