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In this AS open house, IBC provides several seminars and activities. ... Read more

This year, all 32 freshmen to seniors from 17 universities undertake a two-month summer internship from 7/2 to 8/31 ...
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In this IBC retreat, PIs have thorough communications. ... Read more

In this AS open house, IBC provides several seminars and activities. ... Read more

By cindy Lee
“Don't wait! Grab some food!”

During the 2017 Open House at the Institute of Biochemical Sciences, Director Lung-Chih Yu urged students to feed their stomachs as they fed their minds. Both the snacks and scientific fodder were in plentiful supply on September 29, 2017, when high school and college students joined current researchers for a poster session, personal experience talks in IBS/NTU, and facility tours at the Institute of Biological Chemistry in Nangang. ... Read more

Marking an anniversary serves two purposes: to celebrate previous achievements and to make a commitment to the future. This July, the Institute of Biological Chemistry commemorates 40 years of research, progress, and exploration. Even before the institute first opened its doors in 1977, its steering committee had strategized for most of the decade to build a community devoted to studying biologically active proteins without neglecting education. In the intervening years, our directors have recruited talented faculty, expanded from National Taiwan University to a second building on the Nangang campus, and broadened our research scope. ... Read more

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