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One of the beauties of science is that it crosses national and linguistic borders. This year, we are pleased to bring together researchers from Taiwan and Germany for our first bilateral symposium on cancer research. Please join us June 26-28 for updates on cutting-edge research. Our speakers will touch upon basic and translational research, and we hope the symposium will inspire collaboration and exchange.

Our visitors will be coming from the German Cancer Research Center, joining speakers from all over Taiwan. While the Institute of Biological Chemistry (Academia Sinica) and the German Cancer Research Center are joint organizers of the symposium, we are also thankful to our co-sponsors, Taipei Medical University and National Taiwan University College of Medicine, as well as our speakers from National Cheng Kung University and National Health Research Institutes.

See you soon!


Ching-Shih Chen, Academia Sinica

Christoph Plass, DKFZ



Taipei Medical University

National Taiwan University, College of Medicine

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